Top Three Portable Printer with Compact Size You Need to Know

Portable printers start to gain its popularity lately. There are a lot of reasons why this kind of printer attracts a lot of attention. Its portability feature is surely one factor that you cannot omit. Other than that, its connectivity is another part of the portable printer that you should not miss. Because of its increasing popularity, nowadays you can find some different models that you can read more on this link. If you want to make sure that you are not choosing the wrong portable printer, here are top three portable printers that you can get from the market nowadays.

Polaroid Mint

The first one is Polaroid Mint. Many people think that polaroid is a type of camera. However, Polaroid is actually a brand. That is why the portable printer from Polaroid is something that you can rely on. This portable printer attracts a lot of attention because of its small and compact size. Unlike some other portable printers out there, this printer is considered as something very compact. You can even compare the size of this portable printer with many smartphone nowadays. The size is quite similar between the printer and the smartphone.

HP Sprocket 200

It is not a secret anymore that HP is one of the best printer manufactures in the world. You can visit the French website to find that out. This one includes the portable printer for your portable printing needs. For your information, this HP Sprocket 200 gets a lot of attention because of its affordable price. That is why a lot of people with limited budget chose this portable printer for their portable printing need. Despite of its small capacity that can only handle 10 sheets of paper, a lot of people are still interested in buying this portable printer from HP.

Fujifilm Instax Share SP3

The last one is Fujifilm Instax Share SP3. This is something that you should not miss because Fujifilm is something closely related with the retro photography. That is why the Fujifilm Instax Share SP3 is becoming the last one on this list. Talking about its main features, this portable printer is actually something slightly above the average. That is why if you have a slightly more money to buy the portable printer, you can check it out to make sure that this is the printer that you need. This will be a decent portable printer for the reasonable price that you can get.