How To Remove Printhead Canon MG6620/ MG5520 Printer

How To Remove Printhead Canon MG6620/ MG5520 Printer

Hey guys this is an MG6620 canon printer to remove a printhead in here, what we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna lift the front as if we’re removing at the ink cartridges and then we’re gonna wait for this carriage to come to the middle.

How To Remove Printhead Canon MG6620

We’re going to remove all ink cartridges, and then at this point you can unplug the printer, it’ll give you just an opportunity to move this carriage unit back and forth without any force pulling it back. Because when it’s plugged in when I try to move it to the right for example it’s gonna spring back, but I’m gonna just unplug it.

Because I want to move it a little bit to the right in order for me to have it over here that’s gonna let me pull this discover right here. It needs to be pulled forward in order to release the printhead.

So I’m going to show you that again, so we’re just having this in in this section right here. we’re gonna just pull this, this frame here. So in previous models you would just lift it but on those you’re gonna pull it forward and it’s most of the new Canon all-in-one printers or Canon Pixma printers ink jets and then the printhead is over there there’s a middle piece that we can use to grab by.

So this is the printhead right here and we’re getting grabbed by this piece here so we’re gonna tilt it forward, and just pull it back like so. so it’s uses these guys right here, on the printhead these tabs to go into these rails here.

See those rails in there that it goes into, so this is how you pull out the printhead in order to clean it or whatever you want to do with it or if you’re replacing it. MG6620 has a printhead that’s there’s a part number QY6-0082 and that’s where you gonna find your part number.

To put the printhead back I’ll just show you another way without unplugging the printer, so what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna turn the printer on. So I have the printer on right now and it’s saying that I need to install the printhead, so that’s what I’m gonna do.

I’m going to open the front again and then if you want to do it without turning the printer off all you do is you just slide the carriage a little bit to the right. So and then you pull this and it’ll just stay right there, give you like weird noise there, and then you’re gonna lay tabs like this.

it just went in there you share it someplace and push this back. cover and see if the printhead the printer. So here we go it’s now telling me to put the ink cartridges in and the printhead is good to go.

You can do that real quick, it’s best to install them one by one, to avoid anything put in the wrong way. after a few seconds is going to show an error if not an error message saying that the printer was turned off, not the right way so he’s gonna press ok.

Since we unplugged it previously and now our printer is ready to go. Like I said this is on many of the 2015 and up Canon inkjet printers. That’s how it’s gonna have the printhead structure in there. thank you for reading please read more at