4 Great Reasons to Really Get to Know Your Customers

Do you ever wonder about the lives of your customers? I remember how thrilled I was to get my very first customer. It was a delightful moment that I shall never forget – I’ve got a Sale! Wow! I’ve got Money!! I have to admit to you that I didn’t really go on thinking much about the life of that customer, nor do I even remember their name. But, over the years, since that day long ago, I’ve learned the real value getting to know your own customers.

Why You Should Get to Know Your Customers:

1. It builds a lasting relationship and loyalty to your company.

Building relationships all start with getting to know someone first. Rarely does it happen overnight. It takes time. Did you get that? Yes, it takes time — sometimes a few weeks, some times even longer, and it’s a continual process establishing a good relationship. It also takes “your” time “personally”. We’re all busy with our business, but your customers are the foundation that makes your business thrive. Take time to ask questions, chat with them, offer help and make yourself available. Be sincere when you’re establishing relationships and you will reap the golden rewards of loyal customers.

2. It builds your business and brings in new customers

Let’s face it. People like to talk. We communicate about what makes us sad, mad, happy or overwhelmed, just about anything. Your customers will talk about you too, if they’ve established a good relationship with you and have received good service and products. They’ll happily refer you, their friend, to other friends they have. Reward your customers for their referrals by offering a small gift or discount as a “Thank You”. They’ll be even more eager to please you with some more referrals for your business.

3. It makes you approachable

When you take time to get to know your customers, they’ll feel a common bond with you as a real person on their level. Have you ever been anywhere to purchase something and you didn’t get what you really wanted because you felt intimidated by the sales person behind the counter or desk. Some businesses like to have that effect of “sophistication”, but you’re placing your customer’s needs to the side if you don’t get down with them on their level and make them feel “safe” with you. They need to feel that no question is too silly where you’re concerned. You really care about them and you’re there to help them. Your at their service, ready to please.

4. It will make your business better

Getting to really know your customer will help you see their needs better. It will help you focus on what they like and what they don’t. If you take time to ask for feedback you’ll get a better prospective on what your customers really want. Don’t assume you know what they want from your point of view. Many business owners have been extremely surprised to find out that their customers really prefered green instead blue, or wished that they offered an easier way to order refills, etc. And you can be sure, that as soon as some other business comes by their way with the perfect product or solution that they’ve been looking for…they’ll be tempted to wander their way. You can keep you customers longer by keeping them satisfied and staying on top of what their real needs are. Many business owner glean ideas for expanding their business from their customers. Business owners do not become successful by guessing what people want. They find out themselves by asking their customers and act upon it.

There are numerous reasons to get to know your customers, but you can’t place a price tag on the value of a real friendship and good relationship. You’ll will be a “happy” business owner when you get to really know your customers…we all need friends and your customers are are only a phone call (or email) away.